Hydraulic Crusher & Power Screeners

Wardynamic repair hydraulic crushers / and power screens all over the UK. The works which we carry out are based on many years of experience and works carried out on this type of equipment. Through our sister company WardynaMech Ltd (link to Wardynamech) we also repair the conveyor's belts, bearings and can carry out tracking and tensioning. Please give our technical team a ring on 01254 679236

Wardynamic uses the latest digital diagnostic equipment and can carry out fault finding on open and closed-loop hydraulic systems. We use digital pressure gauges and the most up to date flow vs pressure testing equipment. This hydraulic testing can be carried out on your site, so there is no need to carry out very expensive trial and error methods of hydraulic fault finding. We can test your hydraulic drive motors on-site using the same equipment.

Diagnostics the drive motors and planetary gearboxes

With our great hydraulic and engineering supply chain we have access to to all gearboxes and drives of all the major brands. These parts include;

  • Closed-Loop Hydraulic Pumps 
  • Open Loop Hydraulic Pumps
  • Gear Boxes
  • Final Drives
  • Track Drives
  • Planetary Gearbox's
  • Bent Axis Motors
  • Variable Displacement Motors

Wardynamic offer complete solutions for all industrial fluid power applications.

We provide high quality hydraulic services to all industrial engineering sectors - Marine, Mining, Paper Mills, Steel and more.  With over 20 years of dedicated experience to industrial hydraulics we are a major player within the fluid power Industry. 
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