Hydraulic Testing

Wardynamic can test all hydraulic equipment both in house and on-site. We have invested heavily in a 55KW hydraulic test rig for all types of pump, motor and cylinder testing. Our trained hydraulic technicians offer a complete service from strip down and diagnosis to rebuild and test. 

Our in-house and on-site hydraulic testing equipment can be used to carry out tests on 

  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Hydraulic motors
  • Hydraulic valve blocks
  • All cylinders & rams

Systems we can test are;

  • Open-loop hydraulic circuits
  • Hydrostatic circuits
  • Closed-Loop Hydraulic Circuits
  • Industrial hydraulic circuits
  • Mobile hydraulic circuits

Prior to pumps and motors being tested in-house we strip the units to check for damage, then we can do a report on the condition.

The diagnosis of your hydraulic equipment during the strip down will help determine the root cause of the hydraulic equipment failure and help to prevent the problem arising soon after the new or repaired unit, has been fitted.

The main cause of hydraulic equipment failure is dirt and debris ingress into the hydraulic system, Other failures include;

  • Aeration
  • Cavitation
  • Heat

When hydraulic components have failed on machinery, we always advise an investigation into why it has failed, and a preventative maintenance procedure be put in place prior to commissioning.

The investigation is the procedure which asks the question - why has my equipment failed?

The preventative maintenance procedure will consist of such tasks as cleaning and flushing the hydraulic system, these works will include

  • Changing all hydraulic filters
  • Cleaning hydraulic tank
  • Flushing hydraulic system
  • Checking suction hoses and hydraulic fittings

The Wardynamic Hydraulic Engineers will be able to carry out all of these hydraulic repairs. Having our hydraulic expertise on hand and our trained technicians carry out the remedial works can save your machine from an expensive and premature breakdown.

Cylinder Pressure Testing

We can pressure test all cylinder and Rams. We can also carry out a mid-stroke pressure intensification test if our customer requires, this tests for ballooning of the cylinder, and is a requirement on larger cylinders.

Every Cylinder or Ram repair we carry we test, just so you, our customer, has the confidence and peace of mind of our repair.

Valve Block Testing

If you have a suspect hydraulic valve block or a proportional valve please bring it over to us and we will carry out an investigation

Call 01254 679236 or send us an email with your requirements for any hydraulic help or advise you require

Wardynamic offer complete solutions for all industrial fluid power applications.

We provide high quality hydraulic services to all industrial engineering sectors - Marine, Mining, Paper Mills, Steel and more.  With over 20 years of dedicated experience to industrial hydraulics we are a major player within the fluid power Industry. 
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